Javon’s Deck of Cards

Suicide Prevention Hotline:
(800) 273-8255



Educate both youth and families on the benefit of counseling and eradicate the ideology that counseling and/or mental health is for the ‘weak’, ‘crazy’ and or non-minority groups. Statistics show minority males are more likely to come from single family households, be victims of racism and be bullied at school. Counseling is a way for these youths to verbally deal with their emotions rather than physically act them out.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide rates among Black/Latino males in this age group has surged in the last few years due to low self-esteem, online bullying, social media imaginary and peer pressures, mental health concerns, and increased isolation.

Substance Abuse

This demographic is particularly susceptible to increase uses of drugs and alcohol at early ages. It is also very common for family and friends to encourage drug use which only deepens the need to intervene at earlier ages.

Financial Literacy

It is important to address key topics such as savings, budgeting, investments, financial self-control, understanding credit and adjustments in buying behaviors.

Health & Nutrition

When it comes to depression and suicide, several studies point to the relationship of poor eating habits and nutritional deficiencies linked to poor mental state and welfare.


It is also shown that being a part of a sports team helps build confidence in young males early on. Many times, sports can be used as a way of letting out aggression noticed more in males as they develop more testosterone as well as keeping them off the streets.


Volunteering has been shown to increase self-worth, pride, and self-confidence in young adults. It will also help expose these youths to other ideals, cultures, and vocations they may have not otherwise been exposed to.

Planned Parent hood

Many youths receive wrong information from their peers and are under pressure to have or want sex at very early ages. It is also important to support adolescent parents of healthy communication with their counterpart, conflict resolution and understanding their rights as fathers.


It has been shown that when children have role models to help them become accountable, they often thrive. Working with mentors in their community will also help them have someone they can speak with other than family which can sometimes be a stumbling block for children in broken homes or lack individual attention.


In order to address the huge disproportionate number of Black/Latino males that receive their GED, High Schools Diploma, College Degree or learn a trade. Many of these youth may have misdiagnosed learning disabilities, attention deficit or other specific education needs. It is also been studied that cultural differences in the classroom affect children’s learning capabilities and enthusiasm for learning.